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We think ahead so that you are one step ahead

Why with us?

Consumers demand a distinctive shopping experience. It is our claim to realize this together with you. We advise and support you in all matters relating to assortment and space planning. As we are supplier-independent, we can respond optimally to your individual circumstances. Our extensive experience in the SAP field is a significant advantage for you.

Our customers say that curiosity, reliability, and experience distinguish us. That pleases us. We want to understand your challenges well first. Then we advise you and implement your solution accordingly. We follow a partnership approach and, as a family business, place great emphasis on personal and individual collaboration with you.

How we work?

What sets us apart?

We live and love Category Management and are familiar with all the leading Category Management software solutions in the market. With our experience of over 20 years, we offer you everything from a single source as a customer-oriented and independent service partner.


Our service portfolio

Strategix offers you a comprehensive range of services from initial audits to development and integration, as well as coaching and support. For you, this means maximum efficiency and no frictional losses through interfaces between different service partners.

  1. In our audit, we analyze your processes step by step and develop specific recommendations for the optimal use of your current software and the improvement of your processes.

    Business Process Audit

  2. As an independent company, we are dedicated to partnering with you to find the solution that perfectly aligns with your specific requirements. Our commitment lies in understanding your unique needs and tailoring our services to meet them effectively. We take pride in our independence, which allows us the flexibility to explore a wide range of options, ensuring that the solution we recommend is not only tailored to your needs but also reflects our dedication to delivering high-quality, personalized service.

    Consultation on Software Selection

  3. As part of our project, we introduce the software to your organization and actively support you in the change management process. Our approach goes beyond mere implementation; we understand that every software introduction signifies a change for your company. Therefore, we emphasize not only covering the technical aspects but also ensuring that your employees and processes smoothly adapt to the new software.

    Project Implementation

  4. We understand the uniqueness of each company and value this unique characteristic. With custom developments based on your standard software, we can maximize the full potential of your software investment and automate routine tasks.

    Custom Developments

  5. We believe that smooth and seamless system integration is one of the essential success factors for any implementation. Only then can you benefit from synergies, automation, and transparency between systems.

    System Integration

  6. With our proven training concept (online and offline), we help familiarize all users with the new environment safely and sustainably. We offer a range of product-specific or customer-specific in-house training to quickly bring new employees up to date and fully utilize the available software functionalities.

    User Training

  7. We are here to support you in your day-to-day operations, enabling you to work more efficiently and trust that you will receive prompt assistance in case of problems. With over 15 years of experience using the Blue Yonder Category Management portfolio, we have developed comprehensive knowledge of these programs and Category Management business processes. We are happy to share this knowledge with you.

    Support Hotline

  8. You may have gained experience with the new software, but external influences have changed in the meantime: a fresh strategy, revised processes, and personnel changes have occurred. We assist you in smoothly integrating these changes into the use and adaptation of your system.


  9. Every two to three years, it's time for a release change. We not only support you in bringing your software up to date technically but also advise you on new functionalities and how they can be optimally used in your current process.

    System Upgrade

Key People


Jan Hanussek


Jan Hanussek is the founder and CEO of Strategix. He has more than 30 years experience in the retail industry and has worked with 16 of 25 biggest retailers globally. As an early space management geek he participated in development of the leading space management systems. As a former merchant marine captain he is passionate about stars and sailing.


Joanna Brune


As Chief Commercial Office, Joanna Brune has a passion for leading Strategix to operational excellence and promoting sustainable growth by ensuring synergies between sales, alliances and strategic marketing initiatives. She joined the family business in 2013 and lectures on category management at the DHBW University of Applied Sciences in Heilbronn. In her free time, Joanna indulges her passion for sailing and diving. In 2023, she embarked on an extraordinary journey and sailed from the south of France across the Atlantic to the Caribbean.


Rafal Koper


As Chief Technology Officer Rafal Koper directs and strategizes the organization's technological endeavors and aligns technology with its overarching objectives. His vision as a CTO is to drive innovation, foster digital transformation, and create solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the rapidly evolving retail landscape. If not driving Strategix customer’s sucess you can find Rafal exploring the world on his motorcycle.


Pawel Wozniczak


Pawel Wozniczak is Chief Financial Officer of Strategix. He is responsible for the company’s finance operations, planning and analysis, accounting and ta helping Strategix operate more efficiently and scale effectively.