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We love and live Category Management


Welcome to the world of Category Management

When I founded Strategix over 20 years ago, I never dreamed that we would become one of the leading providers of Category Management solutions in Europe. But with passion, persistence, joy in working with our customers, and an unwavering determination to develop the best solution for each of them, here we are today. I look forward to working with you on your challenges.

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Jan Hanussek

Founder and CEO

We have been awarded

At Strategix we're committed to providing exceptional service to our clients, and this recognition reaffirms our dedication to excellence. Our awards are a testament to the expertise, professionalism and competence of our team, who consistently go above and beyond to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

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Your goals are our passion

Strategix is your partner for assortments, planograms, and store planning. We leverage our experience from over 200 major projects in 15 countries and 25 years in the retail industry. We are here for you and thus we stand for it with our name.

  1. We analyze your requirements, existing Category Management experience, the complexity of your processes, technical prerequisites, your specific IT landscape, and your budget. Only after this comprehensive analysis do we provide a recommendation based on all the data.

    Which Category Management solution is the best? It is customer-specific.

  2. With the BY Planogram Generator, you can automatically generate hundreds of planograms within seconds based on rules and metrics, considering local and regional assortments.

    Offering local and regional assortments optimally, tailored to each market—how is that possible? No problem with the BY Planogram Generator.

  3. With BY Floor Planning, you can perform store-specific optimization of your macro spaces by defining the optimal allocation of assortments and their sizes, considering departments, proper pathways, and much more.

    How do I achieve optimal allocation of assortments in the market space? Through BY Floor Planning.

  4. With Strategix's mobile solution "planogram-to-go," you can communicate shelf redesigns to the stores without paper. Through digital access and user-friendly operation, store personnel can improve the implementation of planograms. This smart solution enhances your planogram implementation quality and promotes the sustainability of your company at the same time.

    Your planogram compliance still has room for improvement; what else is possible? Best to use the mobile solution "planogram-to-go" from Strategix.

  5. With the micro-service-based interface "rConnector," you can configure source and target systems flexibly via an intuitive user interface. This allows you to determine which data you need and where. With this consistent integration approach in your IT landscape, you improve data quality and accuracy.

    Determine yourself which data you need where. Everything is straightforward with the Strategix interface "rConnector."

  6. With the Strategix plug-in "CAD Connector," you can finally import your AutoCAD plans and/or changes from CAD plans and write them back. The novelties in the plan are synchronized, and the adjustments are highlighted directly in the software application. This achieves significant time savings, improves accuracy, and reduces errors resulting from the manual work of the user.

    How can I speed up the process of importing AutoCAD plans into BY Floor Planning? Simply use the Strategix plug-in "CAD Connector."

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Incorrect order quantities in the stores

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High regionality requires store-specific planograms

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Revision and optimization of the product assortment in all distribution channels

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Reduction of costs in the last mile delivery

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Strong expansion strategy

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Here are some of our favorite customers

For more than two decades, we have been supporting the retail industry in implementing software solutions, optimizing processes, and promoting your change management.

15 of the top 30 retailers are our customers.

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The world of commerce is continuously and rapidly evolving. The only constant in this time is change, evident through globalization and digitalization. Companies in the retail sector face significant challenges. To successfully navigate this transformation, we accompany you as an experienced and reliable partner. Strategix provides you with the right tools and possesses extensive expertise. Utilize the advantages of a strong partner network to make a difference for your shoppers.

Create Better Customer Experience

Your customers want one thing above all: to find the products they are looking for. This requires the right tools and a process that follows the end-to-end category management approach and supports its implementation. Because to be truly sustainable successful, much stronger emphasis must be placed on implementation.

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Utilize the information on shelf capacity from the shelf planning to ensure optimal inventory levels in your stores. This will create a world where the assortment in the planogram and the one in the store are perfectly coordinated with each other.

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The implementation of planograms often suffers from a process characterized by poorly legible paper prints, insufficient market-specific remodeling instructions, and a lack of effective feedback options for in-store personnel. With the digitization of the entire planogram implementation process, this issue is resolved.

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Whether you aim to open new locations, enter new countries, or explore new distribution channels, you need the technical infrastructure to rapidly plan new stores and define the appropriate assortments.

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Automated generation of store-specific assortments

Your customers are increasingly seeking individuality, regional relevance, and local products in the assortments. Without an intelligent tool to assist you in meeting the demands for increased planogram output and granularity, achieving this with the same team size is often impossible.

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Optimized assortment mix

To achieve the optimal product mix while considering the available space, you need to analyze and evaluate a variety of data and KPIs. In doing so, the shelf space is often disregarded, leading to the assortment no longer fitting the space. We can help you ensure that both fit together optimally.

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From problem to solution

We firmly believe that your growth and satisfaction are the keys to our own success. Therefore, we attach great importance to building long-term partnerships and accompanying our customers in every phase. Your goals become our own. We strive to provide you with the best possible support.

Incorrect order quantities in the stores

How can I use shelf planning to determine and optimize the correct shelf capacities?


Introduction of BY Category Management and sLink (now rConnector) for planning, analysis of assortments and markets and determination of optimal shelf capacity:

  • Automatic process for regional assortments and 6% less out-of-stock
  • 30% reduction in the effort required to implement planograms in stores
  • 4% more turnover in fresh produce through store-specific planograms

High regionality requires store-specific planograms

How can I increase my planogram output with the same team in the head office and also take regionalities and localities into account?

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Switch from Symphony Apollo to Blue Yonder’s integrated end-to-end Category Management solution and
introduction of BY Planogramm Generator, supported by the Strategix SAP middleware:

  • Increased customer satisfaction,
  • Increased planogram output,
  • Increased planogram quality,
  • Planogram à Jour
  • Saving of paper & printing related costs

Revision and optimization of the product assortment in all distribution channels

How can I optimize the assortment in my distribution channels, taking into account the available space?


Introduction of the Range Manager to determine the optimal assortment mix at channel and cluster level. The available space can be taken into account by the planogram preview and a space-conscious assortment can be defined.

  • Successful rebranding and opening of the ProfiGo convenience channel.

Reduction of costs in the last mile delivery

How can I use the competences of my Category Management team for both the offline and online market, thereby creating synergies?


Development of an alternative Online Shop based on Blue Yonder planograms and store plans

  • Greater use of the Online Shop as a showroom
  • Increase in sales in the stores

Strong expansion strategy

What do I need for a Category Management IT infrastructure that takes into account the rapid expansion and simultaneous individuality of the stores and their customers?


Introduction of BY Category Management and integration with SAP via slink (today rConnector):

  • Zabka opens its 9,000th shop and is the market leader in autonomous stores with Zabka Nano.
  • Moreover they are the fastest growing convenience retailer in Europe.

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