Meeting Customers at EuroCIS

EuroCIS, Europe’s premier retail technology trade fair held in our hometown Düsseldorf, is a strong showcase of the latest advancements in retail tech. From cutting-edge point-of-sale systems to transformative analytics tools, the event offers a glimpse into the future of retail. Networking with industry experts and attending insightful sessions provided valuable insights into emerging trends and best practices. Overall, EuroCIS was an inspiring experience, reaffirming the transformative power of technology and real face to face encounters. Among other customers it was a real pleasure meeting Koçtaş CIO from the incredibly innovative Koçtaş. 2015 we have partnered up with Koçtaş to create a success story that showcases the power of an End-to-End Category Management approach.

Eurocis 2024
2024 04 Eroberung Nordischer Länder

Conquering the Nordics 

April 2024

With a relentless dedication to innovation and excellence, Strategix is expanding its footprint across the Nordic region. Together with the market leader in Space & Category Management Blue Yonder,…

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Strategix Annual Kick-off

February 2024

It was truly a beautiful and inspiring event that showcased our collective dedication and passion. This year's motto: Teamwork makes the dream work. The connections we form with our…

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Strategix & Panasonic

January 2024

Together with Panasonic we are organising an exclusive business breakfast tailored to a select group of leading retailers in Poland. It is a unique opportunity for networking and gaining…