Strategix Social Day 2024

On August 22, 15 employees took brushes and paint buckets in hand and gave the Evangelical Kindergarten in Gerresheim a fresh coat of paint.


Here are some impressions of the day:

When we decided to support a resource-constrained kindergarten, we could not have anticipated that this initiative would be much more than freshly painted walls. What began as a small effort to provide much-needed resources quickly left a lasting impression on everyone involved throughout the day.

We soon realized that this was about more than just paint, as the initiative became a fantastic team-building activity for us. We had a common goal: to beautify the children’s play areas. While having fun with the paintbrushes, some of us parents were reminded of our own childhood memories.

To conclude our colorful project, the children joined us at the kindergarten, and we celebrated a beautiful end to the day with them.

Looking forward to the Social Day 2024 by Strategix.

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